Sufi-Meditationen von Hazrat Inayat Khan als Buch in englischer Sprache

Lange erwartet, liegt nun eine Zusammenfassung der Sufi-Meditationen von Hazrat Inayat Khan in Buchform vor, zunächst als Ausgabe in englischer Sprache. Die Übersetzung wurde von Talat Kamran besorgt, einem Sufi der Linie von Hazrat Inayat Khan, der seit Jahren das Mannheimer Institut für Integration und interreligiösen Dialog leitet.

Zum Einstieg hier ein Statement von Hazrat Inayat Khan:
"The whole aim of Sufi is, by the thought of God, to cover his imperfect self even from his own eyes; and that moment when God is before him and not his own self, is the moment of perfect bliss to him. My Murshid, Abu Hashim Madani, once said that there is only one virtue and one sin for a soul on this path : virtue when he is conscious of God, and sin when he is not. No explanation can fully describe the truth of this experience of the contemplative, to whom when he is conscious of God, it is as if a window facing heaven were open, and to whom he is conscious of the self the experience is the opposite. For all tragedy of life is caused by being conscious of the self. All pain and depression are caused by this, and anything that can take away the thought of the self helps to a certain extent to relieve man from pain; but God consciousness gives perfect relief."

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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